At Final Expense Leads Specialist, we are committed to providing you with exceptional lead generation services tailored to your final expense business needs. To ensure transparency and clarity in our services, we have established a comprehensive refund and replacement policy, which we encourage you to review before engaging with us.

Refund Policy:

  1. Non-Refundable Services: Once you have subscribed to our services and received the leads, we do not entertain refund requests. This policy is in place due to the customized nature of our lead generation and the associated costs.

Replacement Policy:

  1. Addressing Missing or Out of Area Leads: We understand that instances of missing information or leads falling outside your specified area can occur. In such cases, we offer a replacement for those leads, subject to the guidelines below.
  2. Requesting a Replacement: If you encounter leads with missing information or leads that do not meet your specified area, please follow these steps to initiate a replacement:
  3. A. Contact our dedicated customer support team within seven (7) days of receiving the leads.
  4. B. Provide detailed information about the problematic leads, including lead ID and a clear issue description.
  5. Verification Process: Our team will carefully evaluate the information you provide along with the lead recording that we have supplied. If it is established that the lead indeed lacks the necessary details or is outside your specified area, a replacement lead will be issued.
  6. Timely Replacement: Replacement leads will be furnished within a reasonable timeframe, usually within five (5) business days from the verification.

Lead Recording:

  1. Utilization of Lead Recording: To ensure accuracy and accountability, we provide lead recordings accompanying each generated lead. This recording serves as a reference for verifying lead information and facilitating replacement requests.
  2. Verification Procedure: Our team will cross-check the information you provide regarding the lead discrepancy with the lead recording. If the discrepancy aligns with the recorded information, a replacement will be facilitated.

Contact Information:

Should you encounter challenges involving missing information or leads falling outside your specified area, kindly reach out to our dedicated customer support team via email at or call our number: +1-346-214-5343

By utilizing our services, you acknowledge and accept our refund and replacement policy as outlined above.

Thank you for selecting Final Expense Leads Specialist. We are dedicated to assisting you in achieving business success through superior and tailored lead generation services.